Welcome to the UK Wind Energy Database – UKWED - the most definitive database on wind energy projects in the UK, both onshore and offshore, tracking project progress from submission through to operation. UKWED offers a range of statistical information, tables and maps, which is automatically updated as and when new data is entered, divided into four categories for those projects in planning, consented, under construction and operational. BWEA hopes that you find this free facility useful, and should you have any comments, please email


Currently operational - at a glance...
Projects Turbines Megawatts Homes Equivalent CO2 reductions (pa) SO2 reductions (pa) NOX reductions (pa)
145 1839 2140.765 1197006 4838300 tonnes 56259 tonnes 16878 tonnes


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Operational wind farms

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Wind farms under construction

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Consented projects

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Projects in planning

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